CFM designs HVAC for Print Warehouse


Provide a humidty and temperature control for a 5 million dollar print machine and warehouse staff operatiang the machine, and the remaining warehouse area.


Cooling to a large Printing companies warehouse


To design and deliver a high efficient cooling system  to a large scale printing warehouse for its occupants and a new age HP printing machine.Installation of twenty Climate Wizard cooling systems on the roof of the building with custom made galvanised steel platforms for each unit.

CFM Air Conditioning installed 20 Climate WIZARD evaporative cooling units to a large and exclusive Print master company in Melbourne. The units were selected by our design guru Michael Cahill, in Consultation with Seeley.

CFM Air Conditioning and Seeley provided one of the Climate WIZARD evaporative cooling units to our client to demonstrate its technology advanced features prior to installation.

The selected evaporative cooling units have been designed to achieve large energy savings, and is said to operate without introducing any moisture into the air thus being a perfect choice for a large Print Production company.

Well done to our Project/Design Engineer, Michael Cahill for engineering, and providing an exceptional outcome for our client. Congratulations to our Project team, and installers for providing a perfect installation, and the compliance to OH&S with the documented SWMS, and JSA requirements throughout the project.  There was no lost time, or incidents reported during the works

Climate Wizard Evaporative Cooling unit installed on customised galvanised Unit stands