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Sports, RSL & Leisure Clubs

CFM Air Conditioning has been specialising in the provision of HVAC services for leisure centres, sports, fitness clubs, resorts & RSL Clubs for over 25 years,

These facilities often have large indoor spaces that require efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for members. The proper functioning of HVAC systems ensures that the indoor air quality is healthy, and temperature and humidity levels are optimal for members to enjoy their activities comfortably.

Services include:

  • Routine Preventative Maintenance Service on a scheduled basis
  • A rapid guaranteed 2-hour response time to all breakdown calls
  • Service and repair to new and old equipment
  • Replacement of old Air Conditioning systems with new energy efficient systems of all makes, models, and brands, offering a 5-year warranty.
  • Design and installation of new Air Conditioning systems


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