Updated COVID Guidelines now includes ventilation of indoor spaces


* You have seen media reports recently (herehere, and here) highlighting the potential airborne transmission of COVID-19 under certain conditions.

** SafeWork Australia has also recently issued a short guidance note relating to Improving ventilation in indoor workplaces – COVID-19.

Inspections of sites are likely to be conducted by WorkSafe and The Victorian Building Everyone should ensure all measures are in place to ensure compliance.

There is a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines (Revision 10) for Victoria for the Building and Construction Industry consistent with DHHS Workplace Directions No 19, issued 12 February 2021.

The following are the major updates relevant to HVAC.

  1. 2021 – New Variants of the Coronavirus
    The Guidelines now acknowledge the risks posed by new variants of the
    coronavirus, the extended State of Emergency in Victoria and current Workplace Directions. 19.
  2. Ventilation and Air Flow in enclosed spaces
    Reference is now included to the risk posed by airborne transmission of the coronavirus and measures that should be taken to improve ventilation and airflow in enclosed areas:

    Ref 3.9.10 – “Adequate ventilation and air flow should be maintained in enclosed amenities, for example by opening windows/doors to allow fresh air, installing fans and/or exhaust fans and/or purifiers, turning air conditioners to ‘fresh’ not recirculate.”

    Note: CFM Air Conditioning has amended our Construction COVIDSafe Plans and consulted with employees and representatives.

    References from notifications:
    * Scott Williams, CEO, AMCA
    ** Ref: Michael Paynter, Industry Liaison Officer, Building & Construction Industry – 16 February 2021 (Revision 10)