Test Google Project Sunroof Technology

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Test Google Project Sunroof to understand how you can save energy use!

Test Google Project Sunroof to understand Google’s latest initiative for helping you find out what is involved in getting solar panels installed and running on your roof. Project Sunroof uses Google’s expansive data resources to map and compute the most ideal solar plan for you.

How does Project Sunroof work?

To test Google Project Sunroof go to the Project Sunroof home page and type in your address. Note that you can only test addresses in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno CA and Greater Boston MA in America. To experience the technology, why not try entering an address in this test region?!


Project Sunroof located your address using Google Maps, and combines this information with other databases to generate your personalised roof analysis! Information taken into account includes:

  • Aerial imagery and maps from Google’s databases
  • 3D modelling of your roof and roof size
  • Identification of any shadows cast by nearby structures or trees
  • All the possible sun positions over a year and amount of sun hitting your roof
  • Any historical cloud and temperature patterns that might affect solar energy production
  • Your electricity bill and electricity use

Your energy savings calculated

Your personalised report from Project Sunroof uses current solar industry pricing to calculate the cost of leasing, taking our a loan or buying solar panels out right, allowing you the information you need to choose the course that best suits you.

Project Sunroof technology is also geared to compile any incentives that will impact your final cost, including any federal and state tax credits, any utility rebates and renewable energy credits and net metering.

Compute your savings