Service your HVAC system prior to restarting or returning to the workforce.

HVAC systems that have been shut down temporarily should be correctly maintained and inspected by CFM Air Conditioning technicians in-line with the building HVAC regulations and standards.

Cooling towers and condenser water systems can build up corrosion, water can become stagnant, bacteria can grow and indoor air quality compromised.

It is important offices and building managers ensure HVAC systems are serviced prior to restarting.

Before workers return to work and the HVAC system has been temporarily shut down, you must abide by the health and safety regulations to ensure your HVAC system is inspected, serviced and maintained.

A qualified HVAC technician should provide you with a letter of inspection to ensure ongoing building compliance is met.

CFM Air Conditioning can provide you with a letter of inspection if we attend your premises and inspect, and or service your heating, ventilation and cooling system.

“There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through HVAC systems, however having your HVAC system set to allow more air circulation in common areas and limiting or not using recirculated air and increasing outside air intake, if possible, may help minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in your workplace.