Pool Owner? HVAC for Aquatic Centre Water Quality


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Here are some major points to consider when you own, manage, work around or swim in indoor pools and aquatic centres.

Environmental quality involves study of the relationship between:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Energy use
  • Thermal comfort
  • Ventilation
  • CO2 levels

With our extensive experience in HVAC for aquatic centre pools (listed below), we have found that it is essential to manage temperature, heat loss, humidity and water evaporation to ensure that your swimmers are comfortable and the Australian Standards (2002) and any relevant compliance rules are met.

We know how to balance all pool-related factors to help you achieve an energy efficient business with a quality swimming experience.

Minimise bacteria and discomfort with expert HVAC for aquatic centre pools

There is more than meets the eye with quality swimming and aquatic centres. Respiratory problems caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes is encouraged by poor ventilation and fluctuations in humidity, creating mould, corrosion and uneven distribution of air-borne chemicals such as chlorine.

We understand the relationships between air and water qualities, and can provide you with quality advice for your next pool or aquatic centre project, maintenance, service, and repair need.

Our expert HVAC aquatic experience includes:

  • Don Tatnell Leisure Centre, Moorabbin
  • Waves Leisure Centre, Highett
  • Oasis Leisure Centre, Dandenong
  • Reservoir Leisure Centre, Reservoir
  • Monash Aquatic & Recreational Centre, Glen Waverley
  • Ivanhoe Aquatic & Fitness Centre, Ivanhoe

Contact us with any questions for your next indoor swimming pool or aquatic centre project, knowing that you’re getting experienced, knowledgable services with value for money. Take a look through our HVAC projects here.[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]