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HVAC for the Food Manufacturing Sector

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

All food factories require ventilation. With over 25 years experience specialising in the provision of HVAC services to the Fast Moving Consuming Goods (FMCG) sector, we know what your HVAC requirements are and how to achieve them.

CFM Air Conditioning is able to provide HVAC Maintenance regimes to ensure compliance with Department of Health, EMS, Australian Standards, and 3rd party certification bodies.

We are experts in ensuring:

  • the minimisation of airborne contamination of food (e.g; food aerosols and condensation droplets)
  • control of specified ambient temperatures
  • control of odours that might affect the suitability of food
  • control of humidity, where necessary, to ensure the safety and suitability of food
  • prevention in microbial growth
  • removal of particles
  • we provide documentation via our online portal for our client’s 3rd party statutory and regulatory requirements
  • we provide 24/7 service and repairs to all HVAC commercial and industrial equipment
  • we provide a design and installation service specifically to cater for food manufacturing plants and organisations
  • We provide ongoing maintenance regimes to ensure compliance.

Air filtration is necessary to ensure the containment of critical working areas. Air can act as a source of contamination, from outside the processing area as a transport medium, moving contamination from other sources within the processing area.

Supply air of a specified quality, temperature, humidity, particle concentration, quality, fresh air volume and hygienic air quality is required for the comfort and safety of employees, to maintain a safe working environment, to reduce the possibility of contamination, and to help ensure the shelf-life of the end product.

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