Marvel Packers, Hallam

Project: Marvel Packers
Client: Lamb Weston
Date: 2020
Industry: Food Industry
Services: Custom HVAC design & construction
Scope: Design & construct their independent plant systems to maintain positive airflow & humidity control

Our scope of works was to design the independent plant systems to maintain positive airflow within the plant plus or -1° temperature control and 5% humidity control.

The system installed was designed from scratch, developed, documented and drawn, then installed in accordance with all recognised industry standards.


Both systems installed have been operational for two years and have achieved each aspect of the design brief provided to CFM by Marvel Packers. CFM‘s capacity to undertake detailed design and construct form a large part of the business. We believe our main area of expertise in achieving quality outcomes is the engineering staff and high-quality installation teams who deliver our custom design solutions as well as externally designed heating and cooling systems.