Your energy consumption for heating and cooling your house depends on how you use it, what system do you have and the climate. Research shows that on average 38% of energy in Australia’s households is consumed by heating and cooling. Below are some tips for energy saving:

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  • Be sure to insulate your home well, either through roof insulation or external wall insulation. For instance, Roof insulation can save you up to 45% on your energy costs that is used for your heating or cooling purposes.
  • Dress for the weather. Use thick clothing to warm yourselves up and wear breathable clothing in summer.
  • Keep all doors closed, this is to trap the heat or the cool in rooms.
  • Set your thermostat lower in winter and higher in summer.
  • Regular maintenance is crucial to the performance of your heating and cooling equipments, therefore be sure to regularly maintained it for optimum performance.
  • Preferably use oil-filled heaters, as they are more suited for bedrooms, due to their low surface temperatures.
  • Minimise your use of portable heaters.
  • Fans use minimal energy and they operate less in comparison to the running cost of air conditioners.
  • Be sure the outdoor section of your air conditioning unit isn’t installed positioned towards the sun.