Will Commercial HVAC systems stop mould growth?

HVAC systems can stop unhealthy mould growth if it performs efficiently. All you have to do is to keep indoor humidity low to prevent mould growth. They dehumidify, ventilate and filter the air. Their smooth operation is vital to the health of employees and customers. Buildings also need to be well-maintained for the HVAC systems to function well.

Here are problems to watch for, and tips for maintaining indoor air quality:

• Check for wet spots and condensation in your building. Mould grows rapidly in a wet environment, so scrub and dry wet areas within 48 hours.
• Keep indoor humidity low.
• If you notice condensation, reduce moisture levels.
• Repair leaks, increase ventilation if outside air is cold and dry. Dehumidify, if outdoor air is warm and humid.
• Raise the surface temperature through better insulation or by increasing air circulation.
• Clean the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning drip pans.
• Perform routine repairs and cleaning of your HVAC system.