Terms & Conditions


Here at CFM Air Conditioning we believe Preventative Maintenance is necessary to minimise equipment breakdown, optimise the performance, reduce energy costs, and prolong the life cycle of the Air Conditioning assets. It is however, not a guarantee against breakdown repairs or replacement parts.

Preventative Maintenance is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS1851.6 1997 AND AS/NZS 3666.2:2002, Essential Services requirements, AIRAH DA19, Manufacturer’s recommendations, and best industry practices.

If whilst carrying out Preventative Maintenance service, it is found that any item of equipment or parts require replacement, repair or specialist cleaning, such matter where applicable will be reported and a quotation will be submitted for approval

Service to  be carried out during normal business hours from 7.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday. This agreement does not include the cost of labour for diagnosing faults or materials expended in replacing, making good, amending or renewing any broken, damaged, worn or defected portion of the equipment or the supply or refrigerant oil or gases – all of which shall be at the owner’s expense. Also, the picking  up of parts will be at the expense of the client.

The company shall not be liable under this agreement for any loss or damage suffered by the owner by reason of the defective or improper working or the equipment or the breakdown of any part thereof or otherwise. However, all repair work will carry a 3-month labour warranty.

This  agreement shall remain in force until such time as it is terminated by either  party with one (1) month notice in writing. In the event that the client does not provide the correct notice required, a charge equal to 1 visit will be payable.

Should CFM Air Conditioning be requested to attend to a equipment breakdown situation during business hours, a $99.50 + GST service call out fee will apply and these charges involved will be in addition to the Preventative Maintenance agreement. Labour rates are charged at $99.50 + GST per hour. Any after hour call out fees will be charged at a minimum of 4 hours at higher rates.

In the event of Water restrictions whereby CFM are unable to wash filters, the cost of this contract will not vary. Inspection and condition reports will be submitted to the client within the Preventative Maintenance Reports submitted on completion of the scheduled maintenance. Replacement of all/any Filters is not covered by this contract and will be at the clients expense. A water tap that is within reasonable distance (to be up to the discretion of the technician) is to be made available for washing of filters if / where applicable. If water restrictions are in place and do not allow the washing of filters or a tap is not available, then CFM will quote for the replacement of disposable filters only.

Whilst CFM Air Conditioning will take every step possible to complete the scheduled Maintenance as close to the due date as possible, there may be times when for  reasons outside of CFM’s control that the maintenance may be carried out later than the due date. CFM works in scheduling Maintenances due into Month blocks and not specific dates or weeks of a month, and therefore the Maintenance can be carried out anytime within the month. In the event of a maintenance being completed late, this will not affect the next scheduled maintenance which will remain the same.

Pricing is subject to clear and safe access to the indoor and outdoor air conditioning. Should access be restricted, then this may result in a revised preventative maintenance agreement. Any additional equipment located on site will be added to the asset register at the first preventative maintenance and pricing adjusted accordingly.

This price remains fixed for the first 12 months and subject to a CPI increase thereafter. At the conclusion of this contract for maintenance, unless otherwise instructed, this agreement will renew itself.