Salesian College, Chadstone

Project: Provide evaporative cooling systems to the Auditorium.
Client: Salesian College Chadstone, Boys Secondary School
Date: 2014
Industry: Education
Services: Design and installation
Scope: Design and installation of new mechanical equipment in 5 days

CFM Air Conditioning supplied new, energy-efficient evaporative cooling systems to Salesian College’s new Auditorium. The deadline of 5 days was tight for for such a large installation to be ready for the grand opening of the auditorium in 2014.

Extra care was taken when installing these large commercial systems to ensure the new parquetry flooring was not damaged. To achieve this, we used light-weight platforms and floor coverings. We also used a 100-tonne crane to lift the equipment onto the roof in 1 day. The job, from start to finish, was successfully completed in an amazing 5 days.


CFM Air Conditioning had the pleasure of supplying this elite, all boys school with new energy efficient evaporative cooling systems to the schools new Auditorium.


We were on a tight deadline to get this large installation done to ensure everything was ready for the grand opening of the auditorium in 2014.


Salesian Boys College Auditorium Chadstone