Booran Holden Cheltenham

  • Booran Holden Service department
  • Booran Holden Prestige car show room
  • Booran Holden Used cars showroom
  • Booran Holden Administration building
  • Booran Holden Computer/coms computer server room.

Booran Holden is a long-standing client of CFM Air Conditioning and has confidence that all and everything HVAC related is in good hands under our contract management. We carry out preventive maintenance regularly and are available 24/7, with a 2-hour response time for any repairs or services that Booran Holden may require.

Scope of work

  • Disconnect and remove the existing redundant split system from site.
  • Supply and installed seven Temperzone Air Conditioning units of various capacity.
  • Supply and install new supply & return air transitions to existing duct-work, and new return air filter grilles and insulated boxes
  • Mount the condensers on the rooftop in the same location on existing mounts/stand via a 80 crane lift
  • Install the new refrigeration pipework and condensate the drains, Installed control wiring, and programmable thermostats
  • Commissioned and air balanced all new air conditioned areas and provided Certificate of electrical and plumbing compliance.