HVAC for Hospitality Bars, Pubs, Hotels

HVAC, Ventilation and air conditioning For all hospitality businesses, the provision of fresh air at a comfortable temperature is critical to guest comfort and satisfaction. As well as creating a comfortable atmosphere, supplying regular volumes of fresh, uncontaminated air is a legal requirement under some building and health and safety regulations. With rising energy costs, CFM Air Conditioning has developed a range of targeted resources to assist small and medium businesses.

Some ideas to save energy:

  • Heating and Cooling Electric heaters.
  • Buy a unit with an integrated thermostat.
  • Set the thermostat temperature to an efficient yet comfortable set-point. Air conditioning units.
  • Set the thermostat temperature to an efficient yet comfortable set-point.
  • Ensure the external condenser is a clear area with good ventilation.

Specific areas of a building, such as kitchens, adequate ventilation is essential to deal with the unpleasant side effects of odours and smoke inhalation.

It takes energy to heat or cool the air inside a building. If that air escapes through inefficient ventilation systems, or through opened windows and gaps in the building fabric, energy is wasted. It also means that more air must be brought in and heated or cooled to maintain optimum comfort conditions. Therefore, reducing unnecessary air loss will save on energy consumption and costs.

Regular cleaning of ventilation systems can increase efficiency by as much as 25% compared with un-maintained systems. Dirty or faulty fans, air ducts and components directly affect system efficiency and will increase running costs and risk of breakdown. The performance of the whole system should be reviewed annually and replacement parts ordered as necessary. Ask CFM Air conditioning for advice.



Operational energy efficiency of equipment can be controlled through operational procures and policies, training and effective signage. There is also a great opportunity to reduce energy use when purchasing new equipment.


The energy efficiency of individual pieces of equipment is largely in the control of the operator, which means that staff has a large role to play in managing associated energy consumption. Follow proper operating procedures, report any operational or maintenance issues, CFM Air Conditioning can suggest opportunities to reduce operating costs.

Patrons & Guests

Patrons and guests can be encouraged to operate equipment (e.g. electric heaters, air-conditioners) in an energy efficient manner.


Maintenance contractors have a key role to play in equipment efficiency as poorly maintained equipment uses more energy.

CFM Air Conditioning can advice you which equipment can be cost-effectively upgraded and run more efficiently and safely.