CFM Air Conditioning Covid-19 Policy

As an ancillary business involved in the maintenance and repair of equipment, CFM Air Conditioning will remain operational during the Victorian Government imposed COVID-19 restrictions recently enforced.

As per Victorian Government requirements, we have implemented our COVID Safe Plan that both our Permitted Workers in the office and service technicians out on the road will adhere to throughout the lockdown period.

Please see attached our COVID Safe Plan with reference to air conditioning being the 3rd item down and an example of the CFM Permitted Workers Permit our technicians will carry with them at all times. If you require a copy of the permit prior to our technicians attendance please advise and we will happily forward through the individual technicians permit.

Please note that whenever humanly possible we will continue to dispatch the allocated site specific technician to your site to carry out the scheduled maintenance or to attend to your breakdown request. We strongly believe in the continuity of having the allocated site specific technician attend your site who is familiar with the building, the site layout, the HVAC equipment and location, the staff and each individual businesses current COVID Safe protocols.

Our technicians vehicles are well stocked with the appropriate PPE and they will adhere to all COVID Safe requirements including wearing a face mask/covering, sanitising regularly and maintaining social distancing. They will also adhere to any additional COVID Safe measures each individual business has put in place for the protection of their staff.

Furthermore, please see attached the Victorian Government Health Department recommendations for maintaining air conditioning that is operating in an occupied area (Managing Microbiological Control) to reduce COVID 19 transfer within occupied areas. Please also see attached our SWMS for service work during this period and a SDS of the disinfectant we are using on coils & ductwork during routine maintenance as a value add.

Please note this is not a scare tactic nor are we trying to push our clients into doing something they do not feel comfortable doing or cannot afford, this is simply advice for what we think is best practice.

CFM Air Conditioning have developed an Epidemic/Pandemic Policy for our staff and Sub-Contractors and all associated Team Members. A copy of our policy is available on our website.

We have involved all staff in decision making and have taken additional measures to ensure hygiene and PPE awareness is heightened to minimise and prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

We ask you to support our team by advising if anyone in your organisation has tested positive for COVID-19 that you please notify us. The situation regarding Coronavirus is rapidly evolving and CFM Air Conditioning will continue to follow the requirements and virus advice of the Government and adapt and change our policies in line with these recommendations. We will continue to post these updates on our Website.

CFM Epidemic – Pandemic Policy – 12.03.2020 (1)