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CFM Air Conditioning COVID-19 POLICY

CFM Air Conditioning wishes to advise our clients with an update of business continuation during the Coronavirus Epidemic. We have developed an Epidemic/Pandemic Policy for our staff and Sub-Contractors and all associated Team Members. A copy of our policy is available on our website.

At this current stage, CFM Air Conditioning will be operating as business as usual and our operating hours and after-hours call out business remain unaffected. We have taken every possible step and recommendations from the World Health Organisation and the Australian Chief Medical Officer in order to protect the health and safety of our employees.

We have involved all staff in decision making and have taken additional measures to ensure hygiene and PPE awareness is heightened to minimise and prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

We ask you to support our team by advising if anyone in your organisation has tested positive for COVID-19 that you please notify us. The situation regarding Coronavirus is rapidly evolving and CFM Air Conditioning will continue to follow the requirements and virus advice of the Government and adapt and change our policies in line with these recommendations. We will continue to post these updates on our Website.

CFM Epidemic – Pandemic Policy – 12.03.2020 (1)