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CFM air conditioning offers a full-suite of high-end preventative maintenance options for your HVAC air conditioning systems including, design, installation, service, repairs & ongoing maintenance.

The are many benefits of implementing a Preventative Maintenance program for Air Conditioning systems.

CFM Air Conditioning’s Service Technicians are highly experienced in providing both economical and sustainable outcomes.

Our Service Technician’s are experienced in carrying out maintenance tasks that are relevant to all types of commercial air conditioning equipment.  The main focus of our preventative maintenance services are to provide our clients with their objectives.


  • Preventing premature failure of equipment and prolong the economical service life.
  • Achieve energy savings and prevent equipment working harder.
  • Optimize equipment capacity, reliability and performance.
  • Have a significant reduction and impact on global and local environments.
  • Maintain a comfort conditioned space for employees, clients, and general members of the public all year round.

Reactive maintenance will only lead to “Run for failure”, Replacing parts and components as they fail.

Maintenance objectives vary, and can be compliance requirements, WHS duties, short or long term organizational financial objectives. The financial objectives are met by budget allocation to meet the objectives.

We focus on Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance strategies are intent on extending the life span of the HVAC asset, and to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

The first step of entering into a agreement for the preventative maintenance of your Air Conditioning is for CFM to identify and capture all of the HVAC Assets, and create a comprehensive asset register. Your HVAC asset register should always be kept current by amending when new equipment is installed.

Once a comprehensive asset register has been developed, forecast budgeting for capital equipment replacement costs can be budgeted up to a 5 year period.

Typical HVAC assets include:

  • Major components such as chillers, boilers, cooling towers, fans, pumps, and control
  • systems.
  • Heating – Reverse cycle, heating hot water and Ducted heating
  • Ventilation – Supply, exhaust, (Bathrooms, Kitchens, Carparks & Garbage)
  • Air Conditioning – Central, distributed, rooftop, split, chilled beams
  • Refrigeration – Cool rooms, cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers, plant rooms
  • Fire safety – Fire Dampers, smoke control, fire mode control.


We offer 3 types and levels of Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance options to our clients.  Our clients can select which option suits them best and meets with financial budget objectives.

CFM Air Conditioning seeks to foster long term partnerships with our clients, based on trust, professionalism and integrity.

We stand our from our competitors because our people are the absolute best in the Air Conditioning service sector because we are a team of exceptional talented, experienced, driven, and passionate people with a  100% customer service focus.

Our team have a genuine desire to ensure our clients are provided with customised solutions that will be best suited to provide preventative maintenance that will ensure HVAC equipment longevity.

CFM Air Conditioning seeks to partner with our clients by listening to what they want, and then customizing a solution to suit. We customize and customize until we have the solution the customer is happy with.

CUSTOMERS ROLE IN the partnership for the Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance to achieve success.

CFM AIR CONDITIONING’S ROLE IN the partnership for the Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance to achieve success.

CFM Air Conditioning’s modern and proper maintenance practices are carefully designed to achieve our clients with the benefits of Workplace productivity, Sustainability, Health and Safety and Legal and Regulatory, and is a must to protect warranty terms and conditions with Air Conditioning equipment manufacturers.

Our Preventative Maintenance clients will receive PRIORTY ONE SERVICE which means we will guarantee a same day response usually within 2 hours, and we will provide this service 24/7 all year round, including public holidays.

We offer the best value for money and cost effective pricing, and our Preventative Maintenance clients receive the benefits of our 3rd party purchasing power with major suppliers Nationwide, and we return our trade discounts back to our clients.

25 years experience in commercial Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance makes CFM Air Conditioning a no brainer to enter into a Preventative Maintenance agreement for your building HVAC equipment.  We will provide peace of mind you are in the most knowledgeable and experienced service provider in the commercial Air Conditioning sector.

Fully Licensed, ARC Accredited, and QUALITY ASSURED.

CFM Air Conditioning is licensed with Arctick, the Refrigeration Trading Authority. Our Service Technicians have a Refrigerant Trading Licenses which allows us access to all Refrigeration Gases.

Service and maintenance history is available to our clients via a Web based/cloud based Customer Log in Portal.

Your customer service will be a noticeable inclusion through good communication from both our Service Technicians and Management Staff. We have won Customer Service Excellence Awards for over 20 years.


Footscray City Council Maribyrnong City Council CFM Air Conditioning HVAC


We provide preventative maintenance since 2012, for 30 council buildings, including the Footscray Town Hall, Footscray Library, numerous Community Centres, Kindergartens, Children Centres, and Recreational Centres, to mention a few.

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